Roosterfish Research in Cabo with Pisces Sportfishing

Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo is working in collaboration with IGFA & the world’s leading roosterfish experts, Dr. Sofía Ortega Garcia of Instituto Politécnico Nacional-CICIMAR and Dr. Jaime Alvarado Bremer of Texas A&M University in Galveston. Genetic studies will collect fin clip samples from Roosterfish from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Guatemala, and Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula over a two-year period, as the scientific community knows almost nothing about roosterfish movements or the connectivity of their populations. Common fisheries statistics used to estimate the population’s health are not available for roosterfish, which leads to an inability to properly manage the stocks.

How can you help? Go to to donate or be a part of the study itself when you fish with us in Cabo! Just let our reservation agents know you are interested in helping collect samples and you too can do your part while on your fishing charter.

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