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Pisces Real Estate Supports Los Cabos Humane Society at Paws’n Claws

Pisces Real Estate Supports Los Cabos Humane Society at Paws’n Claws
Hola!  Can you believe it’s April already?  We are entering one of the most anticipated seasons of the year: April is the month that brings us Spring break, and with it first holidays after the December holiday season, and it brings us Easter, which is one of the most culturally rich holidays in Mexico.
At Pisces Real Estate we are welcoming this month with open (and busy) hands.  Several of our buyers from United States and Canada have already announced their visits and scheduled their private home tours.  But besides the that, we love Spring in Los Cabos.  The weather is just perfect, local organic farms have plenty of fresh produce, me and my colleagues love making short trips and explore Baja, and we love participating at local events.
Past week we supported IRONKIDS, an event accompanying Ford IRONMAN Los Cabos 2014, and this Sunday, April 6, 2014, we are looking forward to participating at and supporting the 9th Annual Paws’n Claws Open Golf Tournament, a charity event organized by Los Cabos Humane Society.  Part of our team will be playing golf, and part of the team will be walking the dogs and cats from the society and help them find a new home.
Join us and play some golf or attend a dinner for a good cause.
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