OK We Are Ready To Fish, No Cancellations

Dear Angler

With reference to your upcoming fishing trip:

We are reconfirming your fishing trip at this time.

Yes, Cabo was hit by a hurricane on September 14th
but things are getting back on track very quickly.

At this time communications are limited but we are receiving
your messages and emails.

All of our Pisces boats are fine and have suffered no damage
and our crews are eager to get out fishing.

A couple of the crew members had some damage to their homes,
but nobody was hurt.

Many Cabo hotels are due to re-open on October 1st.

If your hotel will not be ready (many had many windows
broken) please let us know so that we can assist in finding you alternative

Hotel Wyndham on the marina had minimal damage and is priced
attractively, we also have some very nice units at the fabulous Hacienda that
did not have any damage. These beautiful units will be available at a special
rate for Pisces clients for the next few months.

We really want to encourage you to go ahead with your travel
plans to Cabo which is how you can best help the people of Cabo after this
difficult time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact
us by leaving a message on our U.S line 1-877-286-7938 or by emailing us at info@piscesgroupcabo.com

 We look forward to showing you some great fishing!


 Tracy Ehrenberg

President Pisces Group Cabo