New All Tackle World Record Sierra Mackerel in Cabo?

18.7 pound Sierra Mackerel caught by Angler Sean Green aboard his 33′ Invincible Boat

This fish was caught TODAY in Cabo by Angler Sean Green, from San Diego, CA, aboard his 33′ Invincible boat “CRUDO”, Captained By Carlos “Sharluko” Peralta (Not a Pisces vessel). The two were out looking to land a Roosterfish, trolling live mullet on the Sea of Cortez side, using a Shimano Talica 20 Reel with a Mustad Circle hook. The current World Record according to the IGFA website is a 18 lbs Sierra (Actually a tie! Two fish of the same exact weight) both caught in Ecuador in 1990.

Current All Tackle World Record Sierra Mackerel

The Crudo boys weighed their Sierra on a hand scale aboard, which marked the fish at 18.7 lbs. If they would have weighed it on a certified scale and this weight held this would have certainly been the NEW All Tackle World Record! Meaning, the LARGEST FISH of this SPECIES EVER CAUGHT on rod and reel & Breaking the record held for over thirty years…

In this case we will never know, Team Crudo preferred to enjoy their catch and not worry about the potential of a record. The Sierra is being enjoyed as ceviche with a few cold beers as we speak… What would you have done?

Team Crudo weighed their Sierra on a hand scale aboard
Captain Sharluko Peralta shows off the monster from their Sierra Mackerel!

PS. If you catch a big fish and are in doubt of its Record potential… come weigh it with us, our scale at the Pisces Dock is an IGFA Certified Weigh Station and there is another at Minerva’s Baja Tackle in town.