Great Week for Pisces Fleet

26th Week of 2024 Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 93%
Catch Success Rate, Billfish,74%, Dorado 17% Tuna 11% Other Species 20%

   Stars & Stripes 2024 Winners 
An incredible 173 marlin were released during the one-day tournament!


FIRST PLACE – Team Ruck’s Dad #3/Pisces Boat/LA CHINGONA 64 – 20 Released Marlin!

SECOND PLACE – Team Chupacabra/Boat SNEAK ATTACK –17 Released Marlin!

THIRD PLACE – Team Sausage/Boat CLOUD NINE – 15 Released Marlin!


                           DORADO CATEGORY

FIRST PLACE – Team Final Final – 23.3 pounds/ Boat WAHOO KING.

SECOND PLACE – Team Big Boys – 22.9 pounds/Boat QUITENA.

THIRD PLACE –  Team  Sullivan – 22.0 pounds/Boat PICANTE 40

                                  TUNA CATEGORY

FIRST PLACE – Team JJ – 67.6 pounds – Boat SIRENA. They also Released Nine Marlin!

SECOND PLACE – Team Big Boys – 30.6 pounds/Boat QUITENA.

THIRD PLACE – Team Ampconian – 27.4 pounds/Boat CALIENTE. 

                            WAHOO CATEGORY

FIRST PLACE – Team-Whippersnapper Rotza #2 (Boys) – 31.0 pounds/Boat PICANTE 40

Our Pisces boats were encouraged by continued increases in the number of catches of species other than billfish, yet they were still catching and releasing quite a few striped marlin. Adding to the billfish column were a few blue marlins, and an occasional sailfish was also in the mix.

Sportfisher "BB2" with multiple Billfish release flags

Captain Osiel, aboard the “BBII,” a 37-foot Viking Billfish 2018, with Mates El and Gil, had remarkable success at the 1150 Spot despite poor reports of off-color and cooler water conditions. The crew thought the 1150 Spot, which had been productive in the past, would be worth a look before they tried any recent hot spots.

When they arrived, they were greeted by a batch of surface feeders, and it didn’t take long for a couple of hook-and-releases to fulfill their desire. Clients Michele Gewerter and Scotty Walker expressed their excitement when they caught and released not one, but a total of NINE Striped Marlin and One Sailfish estimated to be in the 100 to 120-pound class.

Pisces "My Way" with limits od yellowfin Tuna

Underscoring the continuing yellowfin tuna bite was the 45-foot Viking “MY WAY” with Captain Arturo and Mates Daniel and Hamo. They headed 15 MILES outside the Distillery Factories, where they caught 22 Yellowfin Tuna weighing from 8 to 35 pounds for Anglers James Traber, Kyle Duncan, Parker Staley, Richard Lowrance, and Richard Lowrance Jr., even though the sea temp had dropped a few degrees below the 80-degree mark.


Early in the week, there were wind waves of 5 or 6 feet caused by 23 to 25-mph winds that factored into the mix. However, they didn’t faze the 42-foot “TEJAS,” with Captain Francisco and Mates Gilberto and Fabrizio, as the boats headed out of the Marina who thought the good old 1150 Spot could pay off once again. As it worked out, it did!  Josh and Michelle Gentry, from Greendale, Indiana, had a day they will never forget with 16 Striped Marlin released up to 120 pounds at the reliable 1150 Spot.

On to a good thing, the 45-foot Viking, “MY WAY,” with Captain Arturo at the helm, and with Mate Daniel using a KITE to catch Eight larger Yellowfin Tuna weighing 30 to 50 pounds with Chuck Myers, Cruz Crawford, Derek Stills, Rhett Myers, Scott Annesley, and Tom Crawford all from Bethany, Oklahoma.


“ANDREA,” a 28-foot Uniflite, with Captain Fernando Noyola and Mate Marcello D fishing live mackerel at Migraino with Abigail Norouzi and Aurian Norouzi from Texas, caught a twenty-pound Yellowtail and released a 40-pound Roosterfish. ANDREA’S Captain Fernando Noyola has been part of the Pisces family for over 18 years. Fernando is quick on his feet, has excellent eyes on the water, and is uniquely skilled at casting for marlin or swordfish on the surface. ‍The largest fish he caught to date was in 2022–a blue marlin weighing 814 pounds. Most marlin he released in one day–50.


“TIBURON,” a 31-foot Bertram with Captain Rosendo and Mates Juarez Gomez and Mario Juarez, treated their group Connor Mikolajczy, Melissa Mikolajczyk, Jason Freitag, Kevin and Stacey Freitag, from Texas, to a banner day by hooking and releasing a Striped Marlin, a Dorado and a Silky Shark on the 1150 Spot.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas with some wind, 6-22kts. In the afternoon.
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs, Plumas, and marlin lures.

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