First Fishing Trips After Hurricane Odile

OUR FIRST FISHING TRIP AFTER ODILE, yesterday we had our first clients go out after the hurricane aboard Bill Collector: Sean Haberberger, Craig Harris & Tage Gill from Denver Colorado, had a great time catching a bunch of dorado up to 25 lbs on live sardines off of the Old Lighthouse. Everybody was so thrilled, that Captain Tony’s cooked their fish for free and they had a huge welcoming committee with smiling faces.
SECOND DAY FISHING FOR PISCES AND FIRST BLUE MARLIN…we only had one boat out, the C Rod, with anglers from Mt. Pleasant , Missouri. Henry Rozak flew in to La Paz and got ground transportation to Cabo (1.5 hours) to celebrate his birthday board C Rod, where he caught his first blue marlin, on his birthday that weighed 300 lbs. His friend, Joe Strauss was able to release a striped marlin.
The blue took a live skipjack and the striped a live caballito. The blue took 1.5 hours to bring to the boat which Henry decided to