Bisbees LCO and Black & Blue Tournament To Be Fished on Same Day

Image from Pisces Dona Homa winning 1st Place at the Bisbees Black and Blue 2021

Cabo was struck by Hurricane Norma this Saturday, October 21st, just when the Bisbees Los Cabos Offshore Tournament was supposed to take place. The Bisbees Tournaments, there is three of them held yearly, the Bisbees East Cape, Bisbees Offshore or “little Bisbees” and the Bisbees Black and Blue, have gained notoriety in Cabo in their 30 years of existence.

The most recognized of the three is the Bisbees Black and Blue, which usually happens just one week after the Bisbees Offshore in the last weeks of October. The Offshore is a two day tournament schedule, while the Black and Blue is a three day tournament. The Little Bisbees offers a release division as well, where as the the Black and Blue is solely for the Largest Black and Blue Marlin caught (minimum weight of 300 pounds to qualify).

This year, with Hurricane Norma’s approach and the Port Being closed, the Bisbees Directors decided to push the Offshore tournament to the same dates, fishing Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th of October, which was the Black and Blue Tournament dates. Meaning, that now, BOTH tournaments will be fished simultaneously, on the same days, and also making both a TWO Day tournament.

It is unfortunate that the Tournament decided this was the only option, as it has affected many charter operators and clients that were fishing one tournament or the other. However, here at Pisces we know the effort and time put in to fishing these tournaments and we have personally contacted those fishing the tournaments with us to make arrangements.

Still, the show must go on, and tomorrow both Bisbees Tournaments will take place. Official information posted on Bisbees Facebook Page:

Tomorrow Shotgun start at 7:00 AM, Pisces will be at the start and covering the tournament on Facebook and Instagram LIVE.

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