Pisces Fleet, Fish Report May 3 – 9, 2024

Pisces Report – 19th Week of 2024 Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 90.24%

Billfish Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 68.29% Dorado 7.32% Tuna 14.63% Other Species 39.02%

Pisces fleet week 19, of 2024, remained consistent with cookie-cutter weather, and a remarkable species list dominated by striped marlin, including roosterfish, amberjack,  sierra, jack crevalle, ladyfish, skipjack, bonita, dorado, grouper, red snapper, triggerfish, thresher, and silky Shark.

Another interesting tidbit from this week is the striped marlin release averages for the Pisces Fleet were 2 marlin releases per day average for the Pisces boats fishing the week. Not bad for a season just getting started.

Bill Collector 2

Captain Nico, with Mate Eric Jr. aboard BILL COLLECTOR II “32ft Cabo Express with Los Cabos visitors, Garret Stearns, Joseph Jaconi, and Michael Jaconi limited to only a half-day trip.

Managed to catch and release one striped marlin estimated at 130 pounds on fresh ballyhoo outside of Santa Maria. Along with 8 ladyfish and 5 skipjack in the 5-pound class.


Dan Godwin, Denis Loranc, Joey Loranc, and Monaca Godwin, from Austin Texas were the first group of many to score multiple striped marlin totaling 5 in the estimated  100–120-pound class all on ballyhoo at another spot of the week “Punta Gorda”.

Friday Bank

A group, from Spring Texas including, Ann Trotter, Carla Vincitore, Larry Padfield, Lauren Gore, Mike Gore, Mike Vincitore, Mitch Trotter, and  Nancy Padfield, aboard the luxurious  66ft Viking “FRIDAY BANK” withCaptainAlez and Mates, Beto and Saul found two hungry stripers in the10-120-pound range the both were tricked with ballyhoo and released at the 11:50 spot where they also released an acrobatic Thresher Shark in the 60-pound class couldn’t resist a caballito at the 11:50 spot.

Tracy Ann

Clayton Huffman, and Lauren Bane, from Sulphur Louisiana aboard the “TRACY ANN” a 31ft Bertram with Captain Julio Castro and Mate Raul Leal at the 1150 spot caught and released  3 Striped Marlin  estimated in the 100-120-pound class on fresh ballyhoo plus one Skipjack.


 Captain Ricardo Escamilla and Mate aboard 42ft Bertram “YAHOO” along with clients Chris and Michelle DiCicco, Dylan Edwards, and Nick Ortale fishing at the popular Punta Gorda caught and released three striped marlin in the 90-100-pound class on fresh dead ballyhoo.

“REBECCA” 31ft Bertram Captain Bruce and Mate Jose located one  Striped Marlin estimated 80-90 pounds released that was caught on ballyhoo at  Punta Gorda with Christian Torres, Daniel Fry, Jared Rich, Joe Wallace, Matthew Engfer, and Max Pepper


Photo”BBII” 37ft Viking Billfish 2018 Captain Osiel, Mate Joel with Barbara Mayhood, Deborah Johnson, Edmund and Elizabeth Muller, Gregory Johnson, and Michael Mayhood scored 7 Striped Marlin est.100-120 lbs. on ballyhoo near Punta Gorda

“C ROD”38ft Blackfin Captain Daniel Alcaraz, friends on boat owner caught an event dozen striped marlin est. 70-100-120- pounds on ballyhoo also near Punta  Gorda .

“MY WAY” 45ft Viking Captain Arturo, Mates Daniel and Jose with Gregg Burgess, Rodney Pack, Wesley Heryford, from Sutter, California. Were near Punta Gorda when marlin feeders literally surfaced around their boat! By the time it was over they had caught and released 9 Striped Marlin estimated weight 90-100-120-pounds on fresh ballyhoo. Plus, 2 Bonita 3-4lbs.,   2 Grouper 3-4lbs., 2 Red Snapper 2-3lbs, 4 Triggerfish 1-2-3lbs. on chum and yoyo lures at the Iman bank.

“SEA SEÑORA” 42ft Post Sport Fisher, Captain Carmelo and Mate  Omar also fishing near Punta Gorda was in the same area as My Way, and angler Todd Ostron from California released  5 Striped Marlin est.100-110 pounds on both ballyhoo and cabillito.

“CALIENTE” 42ft Cabo Flybridge Captain Jaime Gonzáles and friends found plenty of striped marlin on the 1150 bank where they caught and released 6 in the 60-140 lb. Range,  Plus 3 silky sharks, 60-100lbs.,  and one amberjack approximately 20-pounds.

ANDREA” 28ft Uniflite Captain Fernando Noyola and Mate Marcelo with Bryan and Jessica Ball caught and released a Striped Marlin of approximately 100-pounds on a cabillito also at the 1150 Spot

1        Silky Shark 100-110 1 BALLYHOO 1150 SPOT
1        Striped Marlin 90-100      BALLYHOO      1150 SPOT
Chad Simpson, Don Pickett, John Pickett, Matt Pickett, Paul Pickett, Reed McallStroh, Steve Skrypec, Tommy Rakic

“YAHOO” 42ft Bertram Ricardo Escamilla- Yahoo Jose Escamilla- Yahoo
2       Striped Marlin 100-110    BALLYHOO/ CABALLITO 1150 SPOT
Clay Henderson, Fred Wagner, Jim Sander, Jon Sander, Katerina
Mendel,  Matt Henderson,  Rich Henderson, from Houston Texas.

“KNOT WORKIN“35ft Cabo Flybridge  Israel / Abraham
1        Striped Marlin 100-120    CABALLITO     95 SPOT
Andrew Campbell, Brian Kaltura, Ryan Besselman, Spencer Clark, Trent Shumate, and Tyler Galyean

MY WAY” 45ft Viking Arturo / Daniel / Josue

9      Striped Marlin 100-120 BALLYHOO/CURRY, AFUERA DEL Gordo Bank
2       Dorado     12-15LBS SARDINA AFUERA DEL Gordo Bank
3       Grouper    4-9LBS     SARDINA AFUERA DEL Gordo Bank
Hunter Summit, Jake Bastián, Jamie Winter, Josh Winter, and Serena Nelson

“LA BRISA” 31ft Bertram Captain Ray Winkler and Mate Jesus Winkler. With Ben Crockett, Elizabeth Dagg, John K Crockett, and John S Crockett from College Station, Texas. Had a great day with 2 Striped Marlin approximately 100-120lbs caught on bait and released along with  2 Jack Crevalle at Punta Gorda.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 1150, Santa María, 95 Spot,
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas with some wind waves in the afternoon
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures

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