Double Digit STRIPERS released delight!

Pisces Report – 19th Week of 2024 Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 90.74%

Billfish Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 66.67 Dorado 24.07% Tuna 5.56% Other Species 37.04%

Another great start to the week with summer-like conditions beginning to settle in. Clear with partly cloudy skies, sea temps at 78 to 79 degrees, and air temps underscoring the time of year at a comfortable 71 to 79 degrees.

In “It’s-becoming-a-habit-fashion” on the “LA CHINGONA,” a 46-foot Viking, with Captain Antonio Bojorquez, and Mate Juan Rodríguez, assisted by the group from Cabo San Lucas, Kelly Harris, Kenny Lawson, Lane Miller, William Vaughn, Jr., and William Vaughn, Sr., who caught and released Six Striped Marlin weighing from 80 to 100 caballito on live and dead Ballyhoo below 11:50 Spot.

Captain Fernando Noyola and Mate Marcelo, running the “ANDREA,” a 28-foot “Uniflite,” responded to the couple from Oregon, Dawn Vecchio, and Jack Vincent Glass, who requested a more species-oriented trip, caught and released Nine Roosterfish plus Four Jack Crevalle on lures and mullet at Solimar.

Throughout the week, many notable catches continued with Marlin and Roosterfish, giving the various groups pause when the Captains and Mates asked their guests, “What would you like to catch?” Often, the answers were the same: Marlin and Roosterfish.

The guests, Brian Barbero, Dominic Spoleto, Dominic Spoleto Jr., Gabriella Spoleto, and Gianni Spoleto, a party from Livermore, California, aboard the “FRIDAY BANK,” a 66-foot Viking with Captain Alex and Mates Saul and Beto were thrilled with their day catching Striped Marlin and releasing them on Ballyhoo, at the 11:50 Spot plus a Dorado, plus an estimated 50-pound Silky Shark.

Ten Striped Marlin estimated to weigh approximately 60 to 120 pounds were caught and released on caballito off of Punta Gorda by Andy Martin, Daniel Martin, Drew La Fiandra, Leah Tinney, and Rachael Harley Martin, in addition to Two Jack Crevalle, weighing from 10 to 14 pounds, on two Ballyhoo at Afuera Punta GordaTwo Silky Shark at 60 to 90 pounds on two caballito at Afuera Punta Gorda, and Three Skipjack that weighed 8 to 10 pounds on two Ballyhoo at Afuera Punta Gorda aboard the “BBII,” a 37-foot Viking Billfish 2018 with Captain Osiel at the helm and Mate Joel running the cockpit.

“YAHOO,” a42-foot Bertram run by Ricardo Escamilla-Yahoo and Mate Jose Escamilla-Yahoo with clients BJ Rollins, Daniel Moran, Jason Thompson, Jesse Lovell, Scott Sitterle, and Peter Hine from Heath, Texas, caught and released Four Striped Marlin at an average weight of from 80 to 100 pounds on Ballyhoo at the Afuera Punta Gorda.

C Marshall Cromer from Oakland State, California, guest on the “MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking, with Captain Arturo and Mates Daniel and Josue, caught Eight Red Snapper in the 4 to 5-pound range on sardina off Chilena and Palmilla.

Pvid Bill Johnson and Gary Hall, from  Snohomish, Washington, on the “TRACY ANN,” a31-foot Bertram with Captain Julio Castro and TracyAnn-Raul Leal caught and released Eight Striped Marlin weighing from 100 to 120 pounds on caballito on Ballyhoo at the 11:50 Spot.

“BILL COLLECTOR,” a 32-foot Cabo Express run by Captain Niko and Mate Erik, Jr., for clients Andrew Lewis, Connor Nunnally,  Donna Nunnally, Kyle Jutras, and Parker Nunnally, who caught and released Four Striped Marlin approximately 100 to 130 pounds in size on Ballyhoo and caballito at the 95 Spot, and One Dorado weighing from 12 to 15 pounds on caballito at the 95 Spot.

Captain Roberto Sandez and Mate Salvador Flores on the “VALERIE,” a 35-foot Bertram, with Avery Parra, Brooke Parra, Cade Mills, Jake Gundy, and Matt Parra, Anglers from Denver, Colorado, caught and released Two Striped Marlin from 80 to 100 pounds, on caballito at the 11:50 Spot; One Wahoo weighing 38-pounds on curry at BLANCO CON ROJO.

Mark Chiavetta, from California, on the “BILL COLLECTOR II,” a35-foot Cabo Flybridge, with Captain Juan C. Lopez and Mate JC Martinez, caught Six Striped Marlin weighing from 120 to 160 pounds on Ballyhoo at the 11:50 Spot.  

“KNOT WORKIN,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Israel at the helm and Mate Abraham running the cockpit helped David Johns, Derek Kriegel, Douglas Chester, and  Jonathan Johns, from Santa Teresa, New Mexico, catch and release Three Striped Marlin from 80 to 120 pounds on Ballyhoo and caballito at the 11:50 Spot, plus One Dorado at 8 pounds on Ballyhoo at the 11:50 Spot, and One Silky Shark weighing in at 120 pounds on caballito on the 11:50 Spot.

On the “MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking, Captain Arturo, and Mates Daniel and Josue, and clients Darius Godlewski, John Sperry, Kyle Pesch, and Phil Bodine, from Scottsdale, Arizona, 
caught and released Thirteen Striped Marlin. The anglers hooked the 80 to 100-pound marlin on Ballyhoo at 11:50, plus Four Dorado weighing 10 to 14 pounds at the same Spot.

 The “LA CHINGONA,” a 46-foot Viking, with Captain Miguel and Mates Gilberto and Omar, managed to catch and release 22 Striped Marlin in the 80 to 150-pound range on Ballyhoo at the 1150 Spot for their clients Andy Moore, Chris Drew, Donnie Valentine, Jordan Funke, and Tim Nelson from Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, they got One Dorado weighing Ten Pounds on Ballyhoo at 11:50 Spot. They will return soon.

The “VALERIE,” a 35-foot Bertram, with Captain Roberto Sandez and Mate Salvador Flores running the boat, led Brian Hartz, Lindsay Chudoba, Maddie Swan, and Peter Chudoba,
from Plainfield, Illinois, to catch a variety of fish – One Dorado weighing around 10 pounds on cuchy at Santa Maria, Four Roosterfish in the 18 to 20-pound range on Lisa at the Santa Maria, Four Grouper in the one or two-pound range using chum at Santa Maria, and one pound Red Snapper also using chum at Santa Maria.

“BILL COLLECTOR II,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Juan C Lopez and Mate JC Martinez, ran the boat for clients David Johns, Derek Kriegel, Douglas Chester, and Jonathan Johns from Santa Teresa, New Mexico. They came in smiling with 15 catch-and-release flags flapping for the FIFTEEN Striped Marlin releases they had for the one day. They estimated the fish to weigh from 100 pounds to 180 pounds and were caught on the 11:50 Spot on Ballyhoo.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 1150, Santa María, 95 Spot,
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas with some wind waves in the afternoon
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures

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