Dorado join Stripers in Double Digits

Pisces Sportfishing Report May 24-30th 2024 update
22nd Week of 2024 Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 100%

Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 89.06%, Dorado 39.06% Tuna 20.31% Other Species 31.25%

Chart of local waters surrounding Baja's tip

After almost a month of our Pisces fleet bouncing around different banks, the 1150 Bank has recently become the “go-to” spot for most of our bluewater fleet.  It is off the coast, about 20 to 25 miles out, between the San Lucas and San Jose Marinas, with characteristics of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, and is known as an excellent spot for marlin and tuna fishing. If history repeats, June will be exciting for billfish and yellowfin tuna fishing.

Some of the highlights of our boats’ successes last week are examples of what anglers can anticipate during the upcoming week.

Abel Mares and Joe Mares were fishing aboard the “ADRIANA,” the 28-foot Uniflite, with Captain Frank and Mate Jose, as indicated in the video. They had a blast catching and releasing Six Striped Marlin and 11 Dorado on fresh bait at the 1150 Spot.

Aly Gerloff, Dustin Gerloff, Pricilla French, and Troy French had an unforgettable day aboard the “BBII,” a 37-foot 2018 Viking Billfish, with Captain Osiel and Mates Gil and Joel catching and releasing an extraordinary SEVENTEEN striped marlin on Ballyhoo, plus one dorado all at the 1150 Spot.

The entire Group fishing aboard the "Ruthless" with all their dorado flags a flapping.

Meanwhile, Captain Beto Lira and Mate Jesus R aboard the 31-foot Bertram, “RUTHLESS,” with Cody Cooper and Santo Silvestro, had a whale of a day catching and releasing Two Striped Marlin, weighing an estimated 100 to 120 pounds, on fresh Ballyhoo also at the 1150 Spot, plus they added some variety with Five Dorado, Four Yellowfin Tuna, and Five Silky Shark (estimated weight of between 100 and 120-pounds), at the 1150 Spot.
The following day, they returned with Alex Hachigan, Grant Brown, Josh Morrison, Matt Paulsen, and Sam Wardwell from  Irving, Texas, where they caught and released an astonishing 29 Dorado weighing up to 20 pounds.

David Hale, Jon Cannon, Kim Hale, and Robyn Riley, all from Houston, Texas, joined Captain Ray Winkler along with Mate Salvador aboard the “LA BRISA,” a31-foot Bertram, also fished the 1150 Spot where they caught and released Four 100 to 120-pound Striped Marlin, a 25-pound Dorado, plus they released Ten Silky Shark with estimated weights of 40 to 100 pounds all on fresh Ballyhoo, also at the 1150 Spot.

Tracy Ann Crew and guests anglers celebrating their successful catch and release of 20 roosterfish.

Jon Cannon, from Houston, Texas, aboard the  “TRACY ANN,” a 31-foot Bertram with Captain Julio Castro and Mate Raul Leal, spent their day at the Pedregal chasing Roosterfish using live mackerel with extraordinary success catching and releasing TWENTY-ONE ROOSTERFISH estimated weight 15 to 20 pounds.

Dan Lewis, Hector Rodríguez, Henry Bell, and John Sercu, from Washington, fished aboard the beautifully maintained, “HAPPY ENDING,” a 60-foot Viking with Captain Frank and Mates Miguel and Omar, fishing at the 1150 Spot producing an exciting day catching and releasing 22 Striped Marlin in the 100 to 120-pound class on various live bait.

“HOT ROD,” a well-maintained,42-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Erick Orozco and Mate Hot Rod Jose Ramiro Ramirez, returned to the 1150 Spot with Bryce Miller, Gilbert Toscano,  Glenn Crowley, Jim Miller, Lyle Hendrix, and Wesley Crowley who enjoyed a day to remember catching and releasing Six Striped Marlin weighing approximately 50 to 120 pounds on Ballyhoo and caballito.

Brittany Mayo and Matt Mayo posing for their final photo of their exciting catch and release of 6 striped marlin.

Brittany Mayo and Matt Mayo, fishing on the “RIPPER,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Abel and Mate Jose Luis, had an excellent day catching and releasing Six Striped Marlin in the 100 to 120-pound range on Ballyhoo, Four Dorado, and Five Skipjack on bait and flies, all at the 1150 Spot.


"TEJAS," the 42-foot Yellowfin, a center console  underway.

“TEJAS,” the42-foot Yellowfin, a center console with Captain Francisco Arturo Montelongo, visited the 1150 Spot with Alison McQuillan,  Ann Kuo, Benjamin Kuo, and Jason Kuo, all from Indiana, who enjoyed the openness of the center console as they caught and released Four Striped Marlin in the 100 to 120-pound range on Ballyhoo.

Captain Arturo Silva and Mates Daniel and Josue on “MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking, visited the 1150 Spot with Collin McLaughlin, Denise Sabo, Eric Niedzielski, Frank Sabo, Griffin Niedzielski, Robert Molloy, and Shauna Molloy from Avon, Ohio, for the day. They caught and released Eight 100 to 120-pound Striped Marlin, all hooked on Ballyhoo or caballito, plus they released Two Silky Sharks in the 60 to 80-pound class on fresh Ballyhoo.

Matt Nunemacher and Mike Nunemacher were fishing aboard the “ANDREA,” a 28-foot Uniflite with Captain Fernando Noyola. Mate Marcelo D, fishing the 1150 Bank, watched with glee as the bites kept coming. By the end of the day, Matt and Mike had caught and released a total of Six Striped Marlin with an estimated weight in the 80 to 120-pound range, plus Six Silky Shark weighing approximately  60 to 100 pounds, all on fresh bait.

Week 22 has met our expectations and provided us with excellent results. As we head into the summer months, our expectations are high based on current conditions and past years’ history.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 1150, 
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas with some wind waves in the afternoon
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures

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