Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Nov 28 – Dec 04, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 95%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 48%, Dorado 70%, Tuna 6%, other 25%
BILLFISH: This week has been strictly for Striped Marlin and Dorado!  Both have been very steady as we are moving forward to the beginning of the end of the year!  The tropical storm Sandra left us a good amount of rain and two days with the Port close unable to go after the fish!, however the rain incremented the fishing so good, for our loyal anglers they will recall the extraordinary fishing back in 2009 at the Golden Gate. we may be leading in that direction again?  Let’s start with Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” releasing three striped Marlin and one Dorado at the Golden Gate for Kristy Mao, Elia, Grace and Terry King visiting from Portland, Oregon.  Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” released three striped marlin at Golden Gate and Margaritas  for Jason & Jordan Ragnier and Roxana Stein from Miami estimated weight 150 lbs.  31ft Pisces “Cabolero” managed four striped marlin and one Dorado at Cerros de Arena for Brett Berry and Helen Bransford from Spartanburg, South Carolina. On November 30th Pisces 31ft “Rebecca” took our good friends from Sweden Alexander Lejonklou and Bertil Petterson to  Migri?o and fought six! striped marlin, weight estimated from 100 to 150 lbs.  31ft  Pisces “Tiburon”  with the group of John Jackson, Scott McKay, Kenny Paiges, Kyle Behinger and Darrel Putchan visiting from California and North Carolina released four striped marlin at the Golden Gate.  31ft “Tracy Ann” again gave the fight to guests coming from Australia, Brittney and Charmaine Burton releasing eight! striped Marlin at Pozo Cota over the pacific side.  35ft Pisces “Valerie” five! striped marlin released at Los Arcos for  father and son Don, Don Jr. and Henry Sullenberger from Monterrey, VA. Our 55ft Pisces “Flora T” released five! striped marlin, estimated weight 140 lbs. in Los Arcos, pacific side for Alex Henderson and Craig Ross from Houston, Texas.  On December 4th the 38ft Pisces “C Rod” released a baby spearfish of 30 lbs. and five baby pilot sharks between 20 to 25 lbs. outside of the Cerro for Anthony Vittetoe, Matt Garcia, Dave Franco visiting from Denver, Colorado.  Great job guys!  25ft Pisces panga “Poseidon” gave a two hour fight with a striped marlin for James and Son Kilcoyne from New York, NY.  Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” did well releasing a striped marlin for Jade and Jack Pender from Denver, Colorado in Los Arcos.  And Ian Lennox and Peggy, David Ardity released one striped marlin in La Antena aboard the 42ft Pisces “Yahoo” with captain Ricardo Escamilla!  48% of our Pisces clients released a total of 73 Billfish consisting in 72 Striped marlin and 1 baby short bill Pacific spearfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado, dorado!  It is really hot!  Pisces clients released 198 dorado ranging  sizes from 20-30 lbs; 42ft Pisces “Hot Rod” with Captain Erick released four mahi-mahi at Pozo Cota estimated weight 30 lbs. for Bob Dahm, Lee Roy and Amy Radermacher visiting from Minnesotta and Arizona;  38ft Pisces “Speedwell” did well for Caroline Moon and Joshua Shaefer from San Francisco, CA releasing four dorados. Again 31ft Pisces “Ruthless” released ten Dorados at Todos Santos for guests visiting from New Orleans: David, Paul and Dessa Giffin. On December 4 Pisces 28ft “Andrea” went all the way to La Lobera and La Ballena and caught  seven dorados for Nick Ramsey  and his group visiting from Houston, Tx.  31ft  “La Brisa” released seven dorados for Leonard and John Buchholz from Vista, CA.  Most of the dorado has been caught with live bait and different lures such as blue-white, red-black, tigrillo and sometime ballyhoo.  There were some tunas spotted far away all the way to San Jaime bank: 38ft “C Rod” found twenty two tunas releasing twelve of them for Corey Elaner from Frisco, TX.  And Pisces 60ft “Shambala” brought two for Bradford Boston Group from Saratoga, CA;  Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” reeled a wahoo 20 lbs. for Thomas Ginn from beautiful Sedona in Cerritos area, great catch!  Only 6% of our Pisces clients caught tuna and the 25% of our Pisces clients did inshore in pangas spotting skipjacks, some roosters, trigger fish and jack crevelle which seem to be improving as long we are moving to cooler water.
LOCATION: Pacific side: Golden Gate, Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, La Antena
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny, little cool in the morning and night time. Great Cabo Weather!
BEST LURES: Live bait: caballito; Lures: roji-negro, guacamayo, azul-blanco, dead bait: ballyhoo
Based on the Pisces Sportfishing catches by Ady Moya.