Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Nov 14-20, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 87%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 74%, Dorado 26%, Tuna 14%, other 18%

BILLFISH: Another great and busy week in Cabo for billfish with an increase of thirty one percent over last week.   We are still seeing a late run of Blue Marlin in the area coming in general from different fishing grounds spread over the Pacific side and the Cortez side.  Art Hevener, Sean Ziconi and the rest of the Hevener’s gang Arthur and William, released a 350 lbs. blue marlin on November 16th aboard the 31ft Halcon.  The group of Anders Lundgren from Sweden on their yearly visit to Cabo managed to release a blue marlin on Pisces “Tiburon” outside of the 11.50 spot.  Twenty eight foot  Pisces “Andrea” went all the way to the Golden Gate making a memorable trip for father and son Jim and Brandon Boyd, from Bal Harbor, FL. Released a 200 lb. blue; good job guys!  On the other hand Stefan Trumstedt, Kjell Ljunggren and Jens Bergstrom had a great fight on the Pisces “Rebecca” releasing another blue marlin and four striped marlin on November 18th.  But we have more!  Another group visiting from England, headed up by Bob Challis, Peter Gurd and Paul Smith did well on the 35ft Valerie releasing a 250 lbs. blue marlin at Cabeza de Ballena in the Sea of Cortez.  Pisces 32 ft. “Bill Collector” with Brian & Lori Swift, James and Wendy Yale from Texas aboard did well releasing a 210 lbs. blue marlin and dorados over at San Jaime Bank. Pisces 38ft “C Rod” our most recent winner from the Tuna Tournament battled another blue marlin for William Gluckman and Sonia Schaefer from New Jersey.  More Swedish anglers in town!  Ulf Christiansen and Lennart Arrenius, first timers are huge billfish fans and decided to visit our areas, which paid off as they released a blue marlin and a sailfish aboard the 28ft Pisces “Adriana”; they are promising to return next year!  Loads of striped marlin released as well!  Pisces 35ft “Listo” released three striped marlin at San Jaime, with the Alexis Hodges group, Cecile, Angie and James visiting from Woodrock, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona.  Pisces “Shambala” our 60 ft. Hatteras had one of the rarest of billfish catches, a Shortbill Pacific Spearfish, a fish few anglers can claim to have caught in the Los Cabos area.   Captain Nayo mentioned this is his first one in over 40 years fishing!  The crew also managed to release a Striped Marlin at the Herradura for the John Pappanastos group visiting from Houston, Dallas. That’s what we call lucky!  The fish was kept for local scientists to study. Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” was hot on November 18th releasing four Striped Marlin and two dorados for Bruce Tysor and friends visiting from Sidney, Iowa at Punta Lobos.  Our good friend Bob Stewart and friends aboard the 38ft Pisces “Speedwell” released a 307 lbs. blue marlin, one Striped Marlin, two dorados and one rooster at Migri?o putting them in top spot at the Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic Tournament.  “Flora T” fished at Elias Calles, on the Pacific side and released a black marlin estimated at 220 lbs.  The anglers Steve Dick and Kristen Worth from Seattle, Washington were very happy!  Pisces 31 ft.  “Cabolero” released a sailfish and six tunas at the Old light house for Chris Zanoni, Paul Dornell, Steve Bankis and Thomas Hafner all of them visiting from California. 43% of Pisces anglers caught a total 73 billfish this week with most successfully released, consisting of 54 Striped Marlin, 8 Blue Marlin, 9 Sailfish, 1 Black Marlin and 1 Spearfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado and tuna were quite popular this week; with sizes ranging from 10 to 30 lbs. Pisces “Adriana” found a school of yellow fin tuna outside of San Jaime for Jacob and Tim Brownlee from Austin, TX. 30 lbs. dorados spotted at Cabeza de Ballena aboard the panga” Tres Amigos” with our good friend Bob Dicheck  and frineds visiting from New Jersey.  Welcome back Bob!  Pisces “Tracy Ann” managed four tunas at the 220 spot for our Swedish group as well.  “Hot Rod” brought in 38 lbs. wahoo off of Pescadero with Jake and Stephanie Burnside from Houston, Texas.  Pisces 42ft “Yahoo” and Captain Ricardo Escamilla released 9 out of 10 dorados for Walter and Valinda Weible from Houston, Texas and James Hedge and Scott Hamilton from Orlando, Florida.  Good Job!  The dorado were 18 to 30 lbs. with the best spot at Golden Gate.  Inshore we caught Jack Crevelle, needlefish, roosterfish from 3 to 8 lbs. all taken on the Pacific side.  Forty percent of our anglers caught 76 Dorado and 88 yellowfin tunas, eight percent of the catches were of other species such as wahoo and inshore smaller fish.
Pacific side: Golden Gate, Jaime Banks, 33 miles out of the hill, Elias Calles, Margaritas, Cerros de Arena, Pozo Cota. 
Sea of Cortes: Cabeza de Ballena, 11.50
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny, fresh some days windy over the Pacific.
BEST LURES: live bait, green, pink, red/black, blue/white. 
Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.