Pisces July 21st- 27th 2012

JULY 21st to 27th, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 99%
BILLFISH: The only way to describe Cabo fishing this week was superb, with plenty of action to keep anglers busy, with a variety of game fish available. Every boat we sent out, except one who wanted to concentrate solely on finding a big blue marlin, caught fish. The big story this week was that of a 750 lb blue marlin caught by a boat named Acero Azul, we heard about this story and posted the news and received several comments, some angry, asking why the fish was killed. We just reported this story, but thought the captain should give his input. Firstly, the fish may well have been over 750 lbs as that was as high as the scale went, secondly, they crew intended to release this beauty but it died after ninety minutes and almost spooling them three times. They knew they had a dead fish and angler Gary Steelberg from Newport Beach, CA, had his work cut out for him, taking another 40 minutes before the fish appeared belly up at the transom, then another 30 minutes for the crew to manhandle it onto the swim-step. The fish was caught at the 95 spot on a flying fish color lure. In regular fishing news “La Brisa” released a blue marlin a little under 300 lbs at San Jaime on the Pacific as well as catching five tuna for Heath Jones from Lake Charles, Louisiana. At the start of this report “Rebecca” was hot, releasing three striped marlin, at Migrino then going onto land six tuna and a dorado for James & Nancy Oden from Kaufman, Texas. This same day, “Tracy Ann” had Alyson & Tom Fix from Glendale, Arizona on board who did well to release two striped marlin and a sailfish that was quite large at around 100 lbs, plus six tunas. On July 22nd “Great Escape Jr.” had an outstanding day with a quadruple billfish count, consisting of three striped marlin and a sailfish for a group of guys from Oregon headed up by Joey Blatner. Captain J.R on “Rebecca” loves to fish striped marlin which is evident by the amount he catches, proving it again on July 23rd, with his second triple header of the week, plus three tuna for Wendi Tillen Lloyd Wynn & Ken Gregory from Atlanta Georgia & Madison, Alabama..go southerners! Rounding out the week for better than average catches was “C Rod” who fished at Pozo de Cota and Los Arcos areas catching three striped marlin, six dorado and three tuna for the Reynolds family from Cleburne, Texas. Fifty seven percent of our charters caught billfish this week, giving us a total of forty five billfish; 41 striped marlin, 3 sailfish and 1 blue marlin, all released
OTHER SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna catches, still topped the tables this week with seventy one percent of boat catching between one and twenty seven fish normally in the 12 to 25 lb class, with cedar plugs the most popular hook up method as well as regular lures. “Tracy Ann” caught the most in one day, 27, for Kevin Love and friends from Humble, Texas fishing off of the Old Lighthouse and San Cristobal. There was disappointment for Derrick Baker from Missoula, Montana – he hooked an enormous tuna aboard “Valerie” at the Jaime Bank, that he struggled and sweat over for almost six hours, before losing it. His consolation prize were four smaller fish up to 25 lbs. The big one that got away took a live caballito. Our total tuna count was 202 fish. Dorado catches were at thirty five percent with catches of one to seven fish and weights up to 45 lbs, though more commonly between 18 and 25 lbs, on the Pacific at various spots. Just one wahoo this week, smallish at 30 lbs for an angler from Hawaii, aboard “Falcon”. Inshore not much happening or we are simply not fishing there, though there were a few roosters up to 50 lbs, one caught by Scottish angler Chic McShery,and some white skipjacks.
LOCATION: Pacific, Old Lighthouse to San Jaime, 95 spot on Cortez.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: We had some beautiful days where the sea didn’t even look like it was moving, then towards the end of the week some warm breezes on the Pacific strong enough to produce whitecaps. It is still cooler than normal for this time of year and still not a drop of rain for Cabo San Lucas.
AVERAGE WATER TEMP: 79 F in the areas we are fishing.
BEST LURES: Caballito, cedar plugs, silver, green colors.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

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