Yes, that’s THREE $1 Million Dlls Checks this Tournament!                                          Foto: Bisbees

The 39th edition of the Bisbee Black and Blue brought the biggest payout in history of the tournament. The winnings don’t necessariy reflect the standings but rather depend on which jackpots the individual boats entered and some boats found the jackpots a bit too steep and did just a straight tournament entry which if you go across the boat is $71,500.00 and if you really want to up the odds there is an additional category called Krazy Kids Challenge, which would take the maximum amount of entry to $131,500.00;

Here are the results:

The winning fish: 577 lbs, Team Tranquilo 

1ST PLACE : Tranquilo with a 577 LB Blue Marlin $1,411,375.00
 2ND PLACE: True Grit 489 LBS Black Marlin $1,296,062.00
 3RD PLACE: Wild Hooker 466 LB Black Marlin $1,751,462.0
 4TH PLACE: Stella June 466 LB Black Marlin $11,070.00
5TH PLACE: Los Tapatios 387 LB Black Marlin $7,380.00
1ST PLACE RELEASE: El Suertudo 1500 points (5 blues) $69,615.00
2ND PLACE RELEASE: Chupacabra 1500 points (5 blues) $24,097.00
 3RD PLACE RELEASE: Quitena 1500 points (5 blues) $13,387.00

 It can be confusing when you see some fish weights the same and all the release teams had the same amount of fish, but it comes down to time, who weighed in or released first.

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