Pisces Sportfishing June 9th – June 15th 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate for All Species Combined 60%

BILLFISH: Wow, for months we have been listening and watching in the news about the G20 Summit and it’s finally here. We are very excited to have Los Cabos as the host of such an important event. Anyway, back to the fishing, this week the water temperature dropped down a bit and the catch rate slowed down, a few captains think it had something to do that there are some major battleships cruising around the Sea of Cortes and may have caused the fish to move, so we are still on the lookout. As we mentioned before on our Blog and Facebook page, due to the G20 Summit, there is a restricted area from Punta Ballena to Punta Gorda and 5 miles from shore, so fishing goes on, they can discuss world economy while we reel our 150lbs striped marlins. There a few nice catches, “Tracy Ann” releasing 2 striped marlin on June 12th for Eric Dusin & Greg Boiselle from Yakima WA, and again the “Tracy Ann” releasing 3 stripeys for Michael, Taylor and Kevin Morgan from Pace FL on June 14th. This week 60% of our anglers caught striped marlin, a total of 20 marlin were caught, all of them released.

OTHER SPECIES: Still not a lot of action on the small game, however we saw a few hammerhead sharks, average of 45lbs, Spanish mackerel is back and although the season is not quite in yet, 21% of the boats caught Dorado, most of them with pink lures, all between 10 to 20lbs. Only one yellow fin tuna this week.

LOCATION: Herradura, 11:50 spot, Sea of Cortes.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear sunny sky, wind has been on the calm side, 4 to 6 knots picking up a little bit in the afternoons.


BEST BAIT OR LURE: Pink lures, small yellow tail, caballito.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro